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High-capacity power banks don’t always have to be big and bulky. The P16750, in particular, blends massive power storage with small physical dimensions. By striking the perfect balance between capacity and size, the P16750 is your best choice for power on the go.

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Huge Capacity

With a maximum charge of 16,750mAh, the P16750 can charge a smartphone to 100% six times over, and a tablet computer 1.8 times. Say goodbye to low power alerts!

Dual Outputs, No Waiting

Have you ever had to make the difficult choice of charging your mobile devices ? Never fear! The P16750 is equipped with two USB output ports with currents of up to 2.1A, which means you can charge both of your mobile devices at the same time.

LED Flashlight

The P16750 can also light up your life! With its built-in LED and toggle switch on the side of the device, the P16750 serves as a convenient and user-friendly flashlight.

Charge and Discharge Simultaneously

Bid farewell to the days when you had to charge your power bank to full before you could use it on your mobile devices! The P16750 can be charged and discharged at the same time, so feel free to plug in your phone or tablet while the power bank is receiving power from an outlet!

High Amperage for Maximum Efficiency

A power bank that cannot be charged quickly has very limited usefulness. The P16750 accepts 2A input, which means it can be filled at twice the speed of the 1A devices commonly found on the market.

Smaller without Sacrificing Performance

The P16750 shatters conventions by being smaller than other 16,750mAh power banks available on the market. This makes it more easily portable, without compromising performance.

Exceptionally Safe Materials

The P16750 uses high-quality batteries and circuit designs to ensure that the device is never over-charged or over-discharged. This helps prevent damage to the device and extends its useful lifespan. Furthermore, the P16750boasts first-rate parts and a fireproof casing, which helps it resist damage from impacts and heat.

Multiple Forms of Circuit Protection

Safety is always the paramount concern for electronic devices, and the P16750 is no exception. Safe operations are guaranteed thanks to the device’s protective measures against over-charge, over-discharge, over-heating, short-circuit, and over-voltage in input and output.


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Capacity 16750mAh ( Rechargeable Li-ion battery )
Colors Black / White
Dimensions ( L x W x H ) 130.7 x 75.0 x 25.5mm / 5.1 x 2.9 x 1.0"
Weight 375g / 13.2oz
Input DC 5V / 2.0A
Output 1 & 2 DC 5V / 2.1A max
 Accessories Micro USB cable , user manual
 Warranty 1 year
 Note ADATA power banks utilize rechargeable li-ion batteries. Rated capacities are affected by various factors including but not limited to ambient temperature, testing conditions, and methods. Rated capacities of ADATA power banks are all tested and approved by third party test labs under strict conditions. The available capacity of rechargeable batteries decreases gradually with time and number of uses.